Good-bye, Dr. Chambers!

11  We are sorry to bid farewell to Dr. Chambers as he transitions to his new role at UCLA Health as of 12/1/18.   We enjoy all of our patients, but if you prefer to follow Dr. Chambers to UCLA Health, please call them at 805.557.7187 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chambers and begin the process of transferring your child’s records.


Any time that your child needs to be seen without you, we need to have your consent.

It's always best to be present when your child is receiving
a vaccine, but we understand with our busy lives that this is not
always possible. If you would like another adult to accompany your child, be certain to complete the "consent to treat" form that is available on this site in the New Patient area.


Please try to park in our official spaces rather than the 1 hour spots (as long as they are available!).  Thanks - the building appreciates it.


There is a fee for appointments not cancelled without at least 24 hours notice.