GENERAL VACCINE CLINICS: (flu vaccine may be given safely with other vaccines)


October  Vaccine Clinic (Multiple Vaccines w/Flu if desired): 

10/17/18       Wednesday      1:30PM-5:15PM

October Flu Only Clinics: 

10/19/18      Friday               1:30PM-5:15PM

10/24/18      Wednesday      1:30PM-5:15PM

10/26/18      Friday               1:30PM-5:15PM 

November Vaccine Clinic (w/Flu if desired):

11/8/18        Thursday              1:30PM-5:15PM

11/28/18       Wednesday         1:30PM-5:15PM

December Vaccine Clinic (w/Flu if desired)

12/6/18         Thursday              1:30PM-5:15PM

12/19/18       Wednesday          1:30PM-5:15PM