Diaper rash is very common, and can often be prevented.  It usually occurs when the skin breaks down from prolonged contact with the chemicals in urine and bowel movements, if the skin stays wet too long, or if wipes are used.



Wipes are a common cause of diaper rash. We do not in general recommend using wipes. The fragrances and additives in the wipes often can irritate your child’s diaper area and lead to rashes.  If wipes are used, we recommending fragrance-free products that have been rinsed.  If your child already has a diaper rash, returning to water only is a good first step. 

Water is the best cleansing agent.  We want you to wash your baby with water as soon as possible after a wet or dirty diaper.  Dry well and, if possible, leave the baby without a diaper for exposure to the air before diapering again.



Discontinue using diaper wipes, if you are still using them. Water washing, air exposure, and frequent changing help prevent and treat diaper rashes.  A barrier-type ointment or cream, such as A&D or Desitin or other infant-safe product may be helpful.  Call us to make an appointment if these measures aren't helping.