Benadryl is a good medicine to give for mild allergic reactions, hives, insect stings, and itchy rashes in children over 6 months of age.  

The dose is 12.5 mg per 25 pounds of weight every 6 hours up to a max of 50mg.  It comes as a liquid (12.5mg/1 tsp.), a fast dissolving tablet (12.5mg/tablet), and tablets and soft gels (25mg each). Be aware that Benadryl may cause your child to be sleepy or, less commonly, agitated.

We do not recommend Benadryl lotion, gel, cream or spray on itchy rashes.  Benadryl should not be used on the skin.  1% Hydrocortisone cream may be used sparingly 2 -3 X/day on itchy rashes.

 If your child has a more serious reaction (trouble breathing, wheezing, collapse, etc), use your Epipen as previously instructed if prescribed, or call 911.  If you administer your Epipen, proceed to the nearest emergency room if your child responds, or call 911.